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New User Friendly Interface

The new SmartLogic™ System features our completely redesigned User Friendly Graphical Interface. The new GUI Interface has 18 Smart Icons that make navigation definitively flawless and effective. Find what you need quickly, no more surfing through an endless sea of icons.

Our Exclusive ShareTab™ platform allows you to share and view content between both tablets. Whether it's a DVD, Thumb Drive/SD Card Video or Android Streaming Apps like, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO, ShareTab™ makes it happen. Another key feature of the new system is the Automatic SmartDVD™ start up feature. As soon as you turn your car on, the DVD will instantly start playing. No more climbing into back seats to reset the DVD each time you start the car!

Share Video Between Screens

Leading the Way

The SmartLogic™ system has been completely redesigned with a stunning new 7" Touch Screen boasting an industry leading 1280x800 HD resolution. The SMARTLOGIC™ Deluxe comes equipped with a Dual Core 1GHz processor, while the SMARTLOGIC™ Deluxe Pro hits it completely out of the park with a lightning fast Quad Core 2GHz. Both come equipped with Android OS 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Take it With You!

The new SmartLogic™ Tablets quickly release from your headrest allowing you to take both tablets with you to continue the movie, finish that game, or keep that Skype conversation going. With up to 5hrs of battery life your kids will have time to watch their favorite movies twice!